Strathmore embraces a future with effective, digital two-way communication with residents

The Town of Strathmore, Alberta: where quality is a way of life. Strathmore provides a feeling of remote, country living,and remains close to the big city, located only 40 kilometres east of Calgary. Home to more than 13,000 residents, a wide variety of restaurants, accommodations, shopping areas and local wineries, Strathmore is a warm and welcoming place for visitors. Strathmore provides direct access to the Trans-
Canada Highway, making it easy for travelers from all over to access this special municipality. 

Home to more than 100 businesses and multiple schools and recreation facilities, Strathmore is a growing Town, with an array of activities to keep residents engaged, including the popular Strathmore Stampede. Scenic lakes and rivers are also well within driving distance.

2019 MarCom Award - Gold

2020 AVA Digital Award - Gold


It was important to the Town of Strathmore to allow their residents to locate the right content that they’re looking for as easily as possible. With more and more new additions to the previous site’s content, it became difficult to navigate through all of the information that had piled up on the site and often overwhelmed users.

The Town wanted to easily communicate news updates and alerts to all audiences in a quick and efficient manner. Staff updating the news items needed to be able to operate
the content management system (CMS) easily with limited technical knowledge.

The Town also needed a more user-friendly resource for distributing staff contact information online to simplify and encourage communication between Strathmore’s residents and the municipality.


We pulled content from the Town’s previous municipal website and created an intuitive information architecture that prioritized the Town’s residents’ needs and priorities. This new structure makes it easy for users to navigate and find information, creating a more enjoyable experience.

We added the easy-to-update News and Alerts Manager, which allows staff of all technical backgrounds the ability to create news items, home page pop-up banners for emergencies, or special notifications. Using the i:Create CMS, we helped put the power back into staff’s hands to control content.

By using the Contact and Department Directory, the Town of Strathmore can easily categorize and list each department’s staff member and corresponding phone number or email link. This central, all-in-one solution provides easy access for residents, visitors and businesses to get in touch with the Town.

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