Your city hall,

Citizen Portal brings everything your city hall has to offer, direct to your residents wherever and whenever they need access to services. With one login, residents can easily find the information that is most important to them, pay for taxes and licenses, and get real-time updates on everything happening across your city.

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Why Citizen Portal?

Citizen Portal gives you the freedom to move all of your city services online into one, personalized portal for your citizens. Best of all, you can give your citizens a customized experience, with a single sign-on portal that brings all of the information they care about directly to them.

Save money 

Did you know a phone call interaction is 40x more expensive than online? Why not give your residents access to everything they need and save money for your city! Now that’s a win-win.

Seamless integrations

Citizen Portal can integrate with existing in-house or third-party systems to give users familiarity of your services while keeping your data secure.

Completely scalable

Your experience with Citizen Portal meets no limits. Start with your popular services and scale from there so you can invest and grow your online services to match your needs.

Your citizens main hub for city services

Let your citizens decide what services they care about most with a personalized digital dashboard that's simple and easy to use.

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How it works

All about that base

Fully loaded with a foundation you can build off of and customized to your city, the base portal is the first stop in building a fully online experience.

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Build your city

Start replicating your town hall with customizable widgets – from property taxes to garbage pickup dates – Citizen Portal can create any widget your city needs.

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Top widgets

While every Citizen Portal can be customized to your unique needs, our most popular widgets are a great way to get started!

Property Taxes 


Connect with your tax systems to allow residents to view property taxes, see outstanding balances, historical payments and even download past bills.

Waste Collection


Ensure citizens never miss their garbage, recycling or organics pick-up day again! With up-to-date information on garbage, recycling or yard waste pickup dates, your citizens will never miss their collection day.

Report a problem


No more phone calls or emails to your admin team. With the services request widget, citizens can submit problems they encounter in your city quickly and easily.



Give citizens easy access to apply for permits in your city. From burn to building, your citizens will be able to apply, view the status and download approved permits.

“The myMH portal is really our dashboard into all our online services that we are providing here at the city.”
Craig Fruin
Project Manager, City of Medicine Hat

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