Enhance your web presence with structured data

Introducing the new structured data function in i:Create

Delivering services digitally is no longer optional. Citizens expect to be able to access services at their convenience and don’t want to be constrained by business hours or facility reopening status. That means they need to easily be able to find accurate information about the services they need online.

That’s where structured data can help. Structured data makes it easier for search engines to crawl, organize, and display your content, and better informs search engines what your content means. By adding structured data to pages, search engines may provide enhanced treatment for those pages, making it easier for your citizens to find what they’re looking for, faster. 

Benefits of structured data

With structured data, you can provide content in a clear and consistent way across your website while making it easier for users to find what they are looking for. 

Voice search

Data shows that voice search is now accounting for nearly 50 percent of all searches. And with the growing popularity of home assistants and smart devices, that number continues to increase. Popular voice search platforms use structured data to strengthen the understanding of content. By adding structured data to your site, it will increase the chances that a voice search will pick up your content as a returned answer. 

Deliver a better user experience

You can now apply structured data in i:Create to news items, calendar events, “How do I” and FAQs. By using this new feature, you can provide clear, consistent information about the content on your page that takes away the guess work for search engines meaning they can have increased confidence in your page.

Rich search results 

With structured data, search engines may include your marked up content as a “rich result” or “featured snippet” for related searches, which helps content stand out visually in the search engine results page, providing searchers with more helpful information, and increases your site’s click through rate.

How we can help

Site audit 

Our team can provide an audit of your website to identify opportunities where structured data could be used to help citizens find information about your services. Following a review of your site by our content specialists, you’ll receive:

  • Written recommendations with page links about which content is most suitable to use with our structured data feature.
  • One re-written page from each type of mark-up page available in i:Create (News, Events, How to/”How do I” and FAQs) that can be published and used as a sample page for staff to apply to other recommended content pages.
  • A content writing best practices resource so that you can continue to apply structured data to your content going forward.

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Our team can provide a virtual training session that reviews web writing best practices to ensure your content is easy to find, easy to understand and is compliant with accessibility legislation.

Our course provides all of the information necessary in an easy-to-understand workshop, easing content providers into the writing process with a clear approach and methodology, including why we write a certain way and how these methods directly benefit your audience. You’ll get a recording of the session that can be used for future reference by staff.

The training will put an emphasis on:

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Start helping citizens find the right information quickly and easily, allowing your staff to focus on important priorities instead of fielding phone calls to clarify information that should be readily available online.