Get a fast, easy and accessible way to move your forms online

Form Builder offers an entirely new level of online customer service. Accessible and easily integrated into any CMS, building user-friendly forms has never been so simple. Built-in eCommerce capabilities also allow you to create customized online payment forms that make sense for your users.

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Why Form Builder?

Save admin time

Manage and review submissions, send automated emails and process workflows automatically to save you time reviewing submissions.

Ensure accessibility

Form Builder ensures that your forms are accessible to WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance to ensure that everyone can complete your forms online.

Secure your data

Ensure your data and payments are collected securely. With Form Builder your data is secured with PCI Compliant Data Fortress.


Variety of question types

Create forms with the question type of your choice, from text fields and check boxes to date selection and file uploader.

Build question logic

Build smart forms that will provide the necessary questions, based on the selections users make.


Form Builder has the capability to allow you to collect payments for a variety of services.

Customizable emails

Create email notifications to automatically respond to form submissions.

Custom workflows

Create workflows to handle complex forms that require approvals before completion.

Branded pages

Have your forms fit seamlessly into your website's look and feel.

Mapping integration

Ability to integrate to ESRI and Google Maps for pinpoint location selection.

Review and audit submissions

Response Report and Excel Export for simple
exporting and reporting.

Responsive design

Your forms will work perfectly on mobile and desktop.

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